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Premier Rider Training with over 32,000 successful graduates!

Courses start on either Thursday OR Friday, 4PM - 9PM,
then ride Sat & Sun 7:00AM-12:00PM OR 1:00PM-6:00PM.
Pass the course & no further endorsement testing necessary.
Fees: $240 (ride at 7:00AM Group) or $220 (ride at 1:00PM Group).
Arrive 15 min. early. Plan to learn & have fun!

Bike, Equip. & License Included*

About the Staff...

Don Orton

Founder and President of RideSmart, has over 35 years of riding experience. He is retired Air Force, with over 22 years in service. He received his official training and certification through the US Air Force, and has been teaching the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's courses within the Air Force and private sector since 1981. A graduate of Park University, he resides in Surprise with his wife and four children.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation awarded Don the Arizona Rider Coach of the Year in 2002.

It's not what you ride, but THAT you ride.

Angela Orton

Angela Orton - Vice President, co-founder, and RiderCoach, is in charge of all marketing, communication and administrative matters. Angela has been a resident of Arizona since 1977, when there were few paved roads past 43rd Avenue. This is the person who you would most likely encounter when enrolling. She has had a passion for motorcycles and quads since she was 7 years old. Angela married her love three weeks after she met him, over 20 years ago. She has had the pleasure to raise his two children, Kristin and Daniel. She currently resides in Surprise, with her husband and the two children they created together, Paige and Payton.

I put on my helmet and I am 18 years old again. I may be a sea-dragon underneath it, but nobody can tell.

James Mathews

Don't let the confused look fool you - James Mathews, RiderCoach, definitely knows what he's doing. He has been with us since January of 2004. A previous student at RideSmart, his passion for motorcycle riding motivated him into becoming a RiderCoach. That passion, combined with his enthusiasm and natural ability, make him a vital part of our team. He comes across as a very serious, sometimes gruff individual, when in reality, he is one of the most tender-hearted, kind, bright RiderCoaches that we have. James comes from a family of riders, and motorcycle racers. By day he is a professional large appliance repairman. On weekends he puts on his "Super Instructor" uniform and becomes one of the stars of RideSmart. James currently resides in Surprise, with his wife Stefanie and their seven children.

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.


Kate Bilazzo

Kate Bilazzo, RiderCoach. A previous student at RideSmart, Kate is one of our newer RiderCoaches whom brings lots of fun and great energy. With a passion and talent for dance, at the young age of three she took to the dance-floor and still graces the stage today. Kate starting riding by tearing up dirt trails at the age of five. At the age of 13 her family moved her to the mountains of Colorado, where she graduated from school in Pagosa Springs, CO. At the age of 20, Kate was educated and became a Reiki Master, an energy healer and teacher. When she took to street riding, she climbed upon a 1979 KZ400. Currently she rides a 2005 Yamaha 650 V-Star, and dreams of one day riding a Triumph sport bike through the lush foothills of Patagonia, Argentina.

Miss no opportunity in life while you truly live it.


Danny Urbanek

Danny Urbanek, RiderCoach. Danny began riding as a youngster with his father, a fellow RiderCoach and a motor officer. He started riding a dirt bike (1977 Honda XL75) back in 1998 and added street riding in 2008. Danny spent many years assisting on a range with his father, so he has been entrenched in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for almost ten years. He has been with RideSmart for two years, and is one of our most encouraging, easy-going RiderCoaches. When he's not riding or teaching, he is working for the lizard (Geico). With his passion for helping others start their riding adventures, he also excels at helping experienced riders sharpen their skills through the Experienced Riders Course (AKA BRC II). Danny lives in Mesa and rides a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. His dream bike is a Harley Davidson Street Glide.

Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong.


Bill Kuiper

Bill, a new RiderCoach at RideSmart, was born in California but lived most of his adult life in the United Kingdom. A professional firefighter for 18 years in England, he retired, moved to Scotland and eventually back to Arizona for a bit of sun in 2010. He has been riding and working on all kinds of bikes since I was 17 which is more than than a few years now. In 2003 he came back to the United States and rode all 50 states on his own for a charity event, covering 18,000 miles in 106 days! Bill loves and excels at being a trainer and has been a fire service and IT instructor as well as a sports coach. We are happy to have him as a RiderCoach, using the training experiences used in many facets of his life. His current bike is a 2011 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob. (That does not make him Fat Bill!)

Ride Smart and Keep the Shiny Side Up!


Ryan Stanley

Ryan Stanley, RiderCoach. Our most recent hire, Ryan has been teaching the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course (BRC) and Basic Rider Course II (BRCII), formerly known as the Experienced Rider Course or Confident Rider Course, at Luke AFB. Ryan was a previous student at RideSmart years ago, and now brings his patience, support, and knowledge to new students. We are thrilled to have him on our team. Ryan lives in Phoenix and has one daughter.

It's not about miles per hour, but smiles per hour.
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