Be a Life Long Learner


New to riding? Need your motorcycle endorsement? Returning to riding after an absence? We recommend the Basic Rider Course

Have your motorcycle endorsement and want some more advanced mishap avoidance skills? If you're ready to take on the advanced accident avoidance training and to apply it to your own vehicle, we recommend our Experienced Rider Course (AKA BRCII)

Click here to see the specific dates and rates. You'll see we're almost $100 less than our competitors. Why? Because we're not asking our students to pay for a multi-dollar facility or fancy advertising. We find our committed, experienced, dedicated RiderCoaches, and the national curricula provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, are the best recipe for success. Class Availability.


What makes RideSmart a better choice than the competitor's?

Our small class size, and limited student to instructor ratio, gives each person valuable hands-on and personalized instruction. Our co-located classroom and range allow us to offer the exact same training as our competitors, but at a terrific savings. Our instructors, with over 100 years of combined riding experience, fierce passion for all things motorcycle, and top-notch training, teach our courses in a fun, positive and encouraging way.