Why Pay Such Inflated Rates?

We AD MATCH & take off $10! From $180

*Enroll ONLINE to qualify for any specials. (*Select dates)
Our 15 hour classes can be done Thur. OR Fri. from
4PM - 9PM & ride Sat. OR Sun. 7:30AM-5:30PM. 3-Day classes
begin in April. Pass & get your motorcycle endorsement.
LIMITED TIME Offers. New Enrollments only. Terms & Conditions apply.

Bike, Equip. & Tests Included

If you want to learn how to ride a Motorcycle, are returning to riding after an absence, looking for more affordable transportation or just want to have some fun, you've come to the right place!

We offer training certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division!

Our relaxed, low-stress approach introduces you to the world of motorcycling in an atmosphere that is both informative and FUN! Some other schools in Arizona charge considerably more, as the buyer is paying for a multi-million dollar flashy facility. We’re more down-to-earth, focus on our students having an exciting, educational experience, and pass those savings on to you. Our training facility may be smaller and less glamorous, but we own the property and welcome you to it as though we’re welcoming you into our home. Keeping our facility functional instead of fabulous allows us to offer tuitions at up to $100 less than the other schools.

Other points that separates us from our competitors includes the expertise of our RiderCoaches. Our RiderCoaches, with over 100 years combined riding experience, also have been teaching military, fire fighters and law enforcement motorcyclists for over 20 years. Our competitor has dozens of RiderCoaches that teach two to three classes per YEAR to keep their certification valid. We have a small cadre of RiderCoaches whom are each invested and motivated to see the students have a great experience and course success.

Each RideSmart RiderCoach teaches at least twice a MONTH, keeping their skills sharp, fluid and relevant to the ever-changing MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) curricula. We are owner operated, and consider our instructors our family, and our students our friends. Our training is just the beginning of a rider’s experience, as we encourage ongoing education and have an open-door policy for future questions and concerns in all aspects of riding.

Our small class sizes, limited to ten students per range with at least two RiderCoaches present, allows us to give our students lots of personalized attention.
Motorcycle riding is not just a fun and exciting form of transportation, it is a way of life. Whether you’re considering a Harley Cruiser or a Yamaha sport bike, it’s a exhilarating experience, a way of life.

We have an open-door policy and are resources for all riders, and consider our students our friends.